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circularity lab


from coffee waste


for organic waste
incommon-Playing in circular orbit

Playing in circular orbit

school competitions
incommon-Circular Petralona

Circular Petralona

incommon-sTrofi sti geitonia

sti geitonia

for organic waste


incommon-COM-Circular Organic Management

COM-Circular Organic Management

incommon-Close the Food Circle

Close the Food Circle

incommon-Rock the Block

Rock the Block

incommon-Green Kayak Clubs

Green Kayak Clubs



Eco-friendly housing project

In an orbit of change

We encourage the implementation of practical, creative solutions as a response to environmental, social and economic issues that concern us today and will affect our lives in the future. The aim is to use instead of wasting the available resources and to take care rather than cause harm to our environment.

This is something we attempt through innovative circular projects. We start with the conception of an idea and reach its implementation by leveraging at different stages: research, collection, analysis and dissemination of original data, and community mobilisation, including awareness-raising and active participation in our efforts.

At the same time, through synergies and collaborations with institutional bodies and other Civil Society actors (at local, national and European level), we attempt to put the transition from the linear to the circular economy on an acceleration circuit.

Design and implementation of circular projects
Design and implementation of circular projects
Community mobilisation
Community mobilisation
Awareness raising and information<br />
Awareness raising and information
Research & data collection<br />
Research & data collection

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Through our projects we keep in touch with the community on a daily basis. We try to change behaviors with respect to the effort done by everyone to this direction. This is something that make us feel happy and encouraged for the future.