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for organic waste

We change attitudes and habits, and protect the environment through the proper use of the organic (brown) waste bin.

The positive change starts from our kitchen!

We can take the first step with our kitchens’ leftovers , that eventually end up in the mixed garbage bin and then in a landfill.

Why is this a harmful choice? Because burying food scraps (organic waste) has a negative impact on the environment and our health (air pollution), the economy (high cost of operating landfills, fines for not limiting landfilling) and the community in general. But this condition can change through the use of the organic waste bins of our neighborhoods.





Brown bins are much more than just… trash bins. They collect our food waste to give it new value by turning it into compost. Through its separate collection, food waste can become a valuable soil enhancer, a natural and rich fertilizer for our plants and soil.

By doing this, we actually help our neighborhood and protect the environment in a simple, economical and highly circular way! We re-use resources, and don’t let anything go to waste!

The key concept of the project

The key concept of the project is to invite all residents of the Municipality of Papagos-Cholargos to look collectively for creative solutions to common issues and take action to solve them.

  • Separating at source by using the organic waste bin
  • Proper use of organic waste bins
  • Collaboration among all actors of a neighborhood (residents, businesses, schools, local bodies).

Together, we can make a difference by collectively adopting a new beneficial habit!

incommon-The key concept of the project
sTrofi sti geitonia, Program NATURAL ENVIRONMENT-INNOVATIVE ACTIONS 2023, A.P. 4: INNOVATIVE ACTIONS WITH CITIZENS, €50,000, "Green Fund" Financing, incommon

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