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circularity lab

Kyklos, incommon’s lab, is the first space in Greece that tests the application of the circular economy at the neighborhood and city level.

Through circular economy ideas, applications and practices we try to see in practice how a neighborhood can become “circular”, utilizing all its available resources, natural and non-natural, as well as the potential of the people who make it up.


Events of the month

incommon-Film and documentary screenings with free entrance at the Old Town of Thessaloniki

Film and documentary screenings with free entrance at the Old Town of Thessaloniki

Typos Thessalonikis

incommon-Reuse and the right to repair

Reuse and the right to repair

workshop in collaboration with the "Center for Environmental Education Eleftherio Kordelio & Vertisko"

incommon-Xmas Bazaar at Kyklos

Xmas Bazaar at Kyklos

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Neighborhood, the cell of the city

At the historic Koule Cafe square of the Old Town of Thessaloniki (north of the city center), Kyklos – the lab of incommon is trying to inspire the neighborhood to adopt a more circular way of living. Through a wide range of activities and applications of participatory character, we are trying to discover how we can change our everyday habits in order to use the resources of the neighborhood more wisely – from food and organic waste to water and various materials and objects – closing this way the circle together!

What do we do in particular?

  • we organize weekly activities for all ages, such as reuse workshops, food workshops, and film screenings.
  • we develop ongoing circular applications in the neighborhood, such as a Repair Cafe, the Library of Things, and our community composting, where everyone can freely participate.
  • we conduct educational programmes around the circular economy for schools
  • we establish partnerships and synergies with actors and groups of the neighborhood and the city.
  • we conduct field research and participatory activities on how we can apply circularity into everyday life.
incommon-Neighborhood, the cell of the city

Applications of Circularity in the neighborhood


A lab for all

At Romphei Square, otherwise known as Koule Cafe of Old Town of Thessaloniki, we investigate both bibliographically and in the field, the model of the circular neighborhood. We then test it in practice through innovative, participatory pilot applications along with the residents of the neighborhood, thereby reducing its overall environmental impact.


At the same time, in trying to apply the circular economy in our daily life, we are developing a recurring schedule of open actions, including creative material reuse workshops, educational programs for schools, open discussions, screenings with environmental and social topics, participatory resource mapping and thematic walks. Also, we conduct information and awareness-raising campaigns that promote circularity and the way it can be part of the urban reality.


Starting at the small, neighborhood scale, we seek to bring long-term changes in the habits of the local community and to gradually shape a new mindset. Through the dynamic participation, interaction and inclusion of all members of the neighborhood, we “close the circle together” to make our cities healthier, cleaner and more sustainable.

All actions are planned, formulated and implemented with respect for nature and taking into account the human factor. We address all those who make up a neighborhood equally and without discrimination, giving the opportunity to understand their potential and to provide solutions to the problems they face in their daily lives.

Where to find us

105 Agias Sofias str., 546 33,
Ano Poli, Thessaloniki,
Τ: +30 231 600 9518