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Circular Petralona

Circular Petralona

Circular Petralona. A neighborhood where waste is turned into new resources, and sustainable choices become a way of living. Where the reuse of materials and products becomes a daily routine for those involved in the neighborhood’s everyday life.

The aim of the project “Kyklika Petralona” is to improve the quality of life of those who live, work and visit Petralona, this central urban area of the Attica region.

Such a venture calls for the participation and collaboration of citizens, schools, public bodies, local groups and businesses.

How can we achieve this?

With practical steps that can be implemented gradually through:

  • Open and participatory events and activities for the adoption of sustainable habits (e.g. use of the organic waste bins for proper management of bio-waste, composting, reuse of materials through repurposing or exchange, etc.) that empower and benefit us environmentally, socially and financially.
  • Trainings and experiential ‘circularity workshops’ in schools
  • Participation of local businesses in the transition


We enthusiastically dive into the “live” school classrooms of the neighborhood of Petralona, where creativity flourishes and ideas abound!

We start an environmental journey with the students through interesting, educational activities adapted to their own needs.
We see in practice what circular economy and sustainability mean through the simple process of giving new life and use to food waste, materials and products.

  • we learn about the lifecycle of fruits and vegetables
    and we look after the school composters.
  • we transform materials that are usually thrown away into something new and useful, like a milk or juice carton that turns from an empty package into a handmade wallet full of creativity.




Citizens can take the first step by applying circularity and sustainability best practices in their daily routine; starting from proper food waste management (using the organic waste-brown-bins or composting our biowaste), to reusing and/ore recyling materials and objects, swapping clothes etc.



  • collection at source in the space of the businesses following a proper information and training session
  • use of organic waste (brown) bins of the business’s neighborhood

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Circular Petralona

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