kafsimo from coffee waste


from coffee waste

Kafsimo shows us how we can turn coffee waste into something new.

Our energy becomes energy for the planet!

Every day we all get our energy from coffee and then… we throw its residue in the trash. It happens everywhere, in our homes, offices, coffee shops and restaurants.
In project kafsimo, through the active participation of citizens, and collaboration with coffee shops and local actors, we collect used coffee grounds (from espresso, Greek and filter coffee), “rescuing” it from the landfill and ensuring its utilization into a new form of energy (either as natural fertilizer, pellet or biogas). Through this process, we have developed an original, innovative system for the formation of a new habit – that of separation at source – which is necessary for managing organic waste properly and allows us to save resources.


What do we do in kafsimo?

Measuring kafsimo’s impact in cups


Everything we do has a footprint.
Through LCA tools (Life Cycle Analysis) we examine the entire life cycle of coffee in terms of its environmental impact.

Through kafsimo, with every ton of coffee residue we collect and utilize, we save 4.5 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents from the landfill!


Coffee, the ideal start

used coffee grounds (SCG) are:

  • a daily habit for almost everyone
  • a clean organic waste that is not collected separately
  • potential raw material
  • the means to create a successful waste management model


incommon-Coffee, the ideal start
Food waste - or otherwise organic waste - is a problem which, without everyone’s participation, has no solution. And that's exactly what we're trying to address with kafsimo.

What you said about kafsimo

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Files available


Download the file (in gr)

Kafsimo in Greece until today

105 Agia Sofias str., 546 33,
Ano Poli, Thessaloniki,
T: +30 231 600 9518

33 Dorieon str., 118 52,
Ano Petralona, Athens,
T: +30 210 010 3436

*this map shows collection points for household coffee residue (yellow) as well as for coffee shops (brown) that have been activated by kafsimo from 2020 to date.