foodtreasure for organic waste


for organic waste

foodtreasure is an educational project that aims to familiarize the entire school community with the circular economy through the case study of food and food waste management, which is a widely relatable issue.

Are you a Primary or Secondary school teacher?

Foodtreasure includes role-playing games, quizzes and word puzzles, rhetoric competitions and many other activities designed to adapt to the needs and the level of knowledge of your own class.

Through this, you and your students will be able to understand the importance and value of the circular economy by finding practical ways of applying it even in everyday school life.


incommon works with schools, educators and the student community to encourage critical thinking and experiential environmental education starting with food waste and eco-design of products. It encourages teachers and children of all ages to work collaboratively and develop problem-solving skills applicable to daily life.

foodtreasure’s approach in education is more than just sharing information and best practices; it encourages a deeper understanding and connection to the issues it addresses with a view to environmentally conscious and active young citizens.

The aim of the project is to make the learning process about food waste management not only fun and interactive, but also formative in terms of changing habits and adopting lifelong green behaviors.

What do we do;

Student community, a circular relationship

As part of the project, incommon’s team:

  • encourages the collaboration of teachers and students.
  • pursues the development of management skills for basic issues of everyday life.
  • builds an environmentally friendly mindset for children in a pleasant and creative way in order to encourage an active and responsible stance of future citizens.


incommon-Student community, a circular relationship

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