BioRural seeks to promote currently available small-scale bio-based solutions with a view to strengthen Bioeconomy in European rural areas.

A bio-economy & knowledge exchange network

BioRural is a European project that seeks to support the implementation of innovative, sustainable small-scale solutions in rural European regions by creating a framework for the transition to a sustainable, inclusive and circular Bioeconomy across Europe. It aims to do this by promoting the use of renewable biological resources such as crops, forests, fish, animals and microorganisms to produce food, materials and energy.

Practically it pursues to fill the existing gap between the available sustainable innovations in various sectors and their application in daily life.The project promotes the exchange of knowledge and investigates the business opportunities for rural development. In total, 19 partners, including incommon, from 14 different countries have been brought together and will join their efforts for the next 3 years, starting in September of 2022, with funding from the Horizon Europe programme.




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The Biorural toolkit

By registering here, your initiative or business is added to an interactive Bioeconomy map, where you can upload your own commercial biobased solutions, access research findings and funding opportunities, receive the newsletter with invitations to workshops and seminars and in general have access to the entire BioRural toolkit that includes:

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1st national workshop for rural circular bioeconomy

as part of the european BioRural project

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A rural bio-economy success story!