Circular solutions for a sustainable future

article in News247 on the World Environment Day

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incommon-Circular solutions for a sustainable future

How the Circular Economy is connected to
environmental sustainability

by Vangelis Vragoteris , Circularity Researcher & Assistant Project Manager, incommon

More and more often we hear about the “circular economy model” and how it can provide solutions to important environmental issues. But what do we really know about the Circular Economy and how it is connected to our environmental – and not only – sustainability? On the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5), let’s get to know better a concept that is connected to the future by carrying elements from the past and can provide answers to the environmental challenges of our times.


The Circular Economy is not only about numbers, as one might think, but it is an integrated model of resource management (materials, products, water, energy). Based on this model, the products and materials we use and consume to meet our daily needs are preserved as much as possible in the life cycle, thus reducing the depletion of , as well as the production of waste and pollutants. How is this achieved?

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