3rd Gastronomic Tour in the Old Town of Thessaloniki

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incommon-3rd Gastronomic Tour in the Old Town of Thessaloniki

"Don't produce food waste, choose wisely to taste"

A different tasting tour through the 3rd Gastronomic Walk in the historic neighborhood of Old Town of Thessaloniki is organized by Kyklos, the lab of incommon, on Thursday, November 2, 2023 18.00-21.00 .

The idea is to inform the world in a pleasant and effective way about the loss and waste of food which greatly burdens the environment, health and also our budget. Let’s all live together an experience that, in addition to gustatory pleasure, also offers useful food for thought around the issue, offering practical ideas from the catering industry to limit food waste“, says Sofi Sarri, Urban Innovation Manager at incommon.

This is one of the main actions of Kyklos, the lab of incommon, the organization that promotes the circular economy in collaboration with the community by first implementing the model of the circular neighborhood in the Old Town of Thessaloniki.

Those who participate in the 3rd Gastronomic Tour with the central message “Don’t produce food waste, choose to taste wisely” will have the opportunity to taste “culinary delicacies” resulting from the reuse of leftovers from other preparations in the kitchens of businesses and ventures in the Old Town of Thessaloniki. In this way, kitchen professionals give them new taste and nutritional value while simultaneously reducing food waste and their environmental footprint. At the same time, they inform about the preparation method, giving ideas and practical instructions so that anyone can apply what they try in their own kitchen. In fact, the experience takes on an additional circular character as participants are asked to bring their own tlunch boxes to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

The ultimate goal is to have them filled with ideas for easy, healthy and sustainable eating habits. ” The bottom line is to understand the importance of reusing the resources that in our time are consumed and depleted thoughtlessly causing an environmental and socio-economic burden. In nature, the model of wise management works automatically as nothing is thrown away or wasted. We just have to put it into our daily lives “, explains Sofi Sarri, emphasizing that the response of the community indicates there is willingness and power to bring a change starting from where we live every day, in our homes and neighborhoods.



Event info

Thursday, November 2, 18.00-21.00

Participants will get: map, guide and a tour kit

Necessary for participation

Pre-registration is required

Bring your personal lunch box and cutlery for tasting the food and help us reduce one use plastics!

Information: +30 2316009518

We would like to thank the cafes and restaurants for their pro bono participation:

• Kreonidis “The balcony”, Avenue Noi 4
• Nea Folia, 4 Aristomenouis
• The house of Passas, 35 Apostolou Pavlos
• The stop, Andokidou 1
• Wall – Wall, Stergiou Polydorou 1
• Little Big House, Andokidou 24
• Yaya, Irodotou 25