Role models of circular, rural bio-economy!


incommon-Role models of circular, rural bio-economy!

Elis made it caring for you and the environment.

We are happy to share – within the framework of the BioRural project – groups or individual community members from the Greek periphery who stand out professionally not only for their ideas and passion but also for the circular bioeconomy practices they apply!

Elismadeit is a strong supporter of the local and circular bioeconomy, and the principles of zero waste!
Practical proof of the various products it creates:

  • personal hygiene
  • purses
  • hand-made masks and cloths
  • soaps from oil dregs (murga) and from olive oil that is no longer edible

For the preparation of the soaps, Elis uses materials of local and Greek origin and through the cold method zeroes out its energy footprint.

She makes all of this stuff in her workshop in the city of Serres, northern Greece.


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