Did you know how our grandmas fighted food waste?

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incommon-Did you know how our grandmas fighted food waste?



Did you know that our grandmothers threw coffee grounds in pots fighting food waste?

Think of your favorite recipe. Let’s say it’s some comfort food, like spaghetti with red sauce. The basic ingredients are spaghetti and tomatoes, onions and olive oil for the sauce. So, by cutting the tomatoes and onions, the skins from them end up in your garbage.

They could, however, end up in a separate waste area, along with all other food scraps – which is a very large part of our garbage – and from there, be thrown into the brown bins, the specially designed bins for organics leftovers. Managing food waste properly is simpler than we think. Something that InCommOn comes to remind through programs like “Food Treasure” and ” Close the Food Cycle “.


With this very simple but extremely important move, you can automatically become part of the fight against food waste, which has been discussed a lot in recent years. And not without a reason: According to the Food Waste Index Report 2021 , more than 40% of the waste in cities is organic, meaning food waste, the peels from the fruits and vegetables we consume, coffee grounds, but also many more things produced daily in our kitchens.

In fact, it is estimated that each of us “produces” 142 kg of food waste annually, a number that ranks Greece in the top 3 countries with the largest household food waste in the world.

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