Kick off meeting of the European project COM

changing mindset for biowaste management through education

incommon-Kick off meeting of the European project COM

Project partners kick off meeting in Thessaloniki

In incommon we want the significant changes in mindset and behavior to last, and that’s the reason for support synergies with other actors in the local and wider community when promoting the circular economy.

This time we are joining forces with five more countries to encourage change through education under the new Erasmus+ COM programme .

Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia set a common goal of changing mindset and behavior in schools around the management of food and organic waste. We start with teachers to continue with students, parents/carers and the wider community.

We are taking the first steps and in the next period we will publish a a fact-based, well-structured report on organic waste management based on an analysis of data collected and analyzed by expert researchers at national and European level based on field and desk research.