Green Kayak Clubs

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Green Kayak Clubs
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How eco-friendly are Kayak Clubs?

The circular economy enters the waters of Kayak Clubs to reduce their environmental impact!

The first big step was taken in the recent interactive educational workshop that took place in the Republic of Northern Macedonia (Skopje) from May 31 to June 1. giving the five partners of the new ERASMUS+ project “Green Kayak Clubs” the opportunity to discuss and reflect on:

  • How sustainable is the way Kayak Clubs operate? What green practices do Kayak Clubs implement?
  • What are the real environmental challenges associated with their action?
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After the basic data was recorded, we analyzed and discussed all together what can be changed in the way the clubs operate, specifically in terms of equipment, travel, events, etc., in order to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, like the sport they support and raise awareness about.

The incommon team shared circular economy ideas and best practices that could be applicable to different aspects of Green Kayak Clubs operation.

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as part of the EU-funded BioRural project

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