1st national workshop for rural circular bioeconomy

as part of the european BioRural project

incommon-1st national workshop for rural circular bioeconomy

We closed circles cooperatively!

We talked about bees and herbs, corn and cotton, forestry, grain and vines at the 1st national workshop on rural circular bioeconomy held in Karditsa as part of the European BioRural project.

The workshop was a great success, with participants from across the spectrum of the bioeconomy, from the primary and secondary sectors, to local government, civil society actors, agricultural cooperatives, business consultants and other members of the local community.
Thank you very much to everyone for the response and active participation, for what we shared as experience and exchanged as ideas in the working groups, and especially the ESEK SYN.PE – Energy Cooperative Society of Karditsa and the CounSEp Oxygono ton Agrafon for the support in the organization of laboratory.

Learn more about the workshop here

We renew our appointment for the next national workshops with many interesting topics on their agenda! Stay tuned through the project page.